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Experience Andamans is not just a Destination Management Company, but also a dream that began with the birth of two brothers, Azhar Khan and Awez Khan, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Two young boys, whose idea of a perfect weekend would be to hit the beach with their friends or a road trip to their aunt’s house through the Jarwa Tribe Reserve (Tribal area in Port Blair). The thought of jumping into the sea, to find a secret Japanese bunker or a trunk full of gold coins shot up their adrenalin, owing to the innocence of childhood. Years passed and their schooling at the island eventually came to an end.

The two brothers, eventually moved out of the islands for future prospects of a better education, more job opportunities and an enhanced lifestyle. Both of them made it big in their own professional field, and achieved everything that they had set out to, before leaving the islands. However, there was one thought that always lingered on at the back of their minds, ‘To Do Something for The Islands’. Every time any of their colleagues and friends wanted to go to Andamans for a holiday, the two brothers were the go-to people, for obvious reasons – they were the locals from the place.

It was while curating trips for their friends and colleagues, did they realize that a perfect holiday is not just about finding the right hotel or the right logistic company, but living the bang on experience of the place.
This was the birth of Experience Andamans!!

The two brothers left their current jobs and came down to the islands to work on this idea full-time. They built a platform, where travelers can customize their own trip and exotic experiences in the island. Also, from a small team of just two brothers, they grew to a well-established team where every member of the team, has not just visited the island, but knows the island inside out.

Decided to come to Andamans? Just give us a call. Right from the time you place your foot on our Island till we drop you back after the trip – We have you covered!